Mancan Personal Keg System


Taking a personal keg system with you wherever you go is no longer a dream. With Mancan Personal Keg System you’ll be the most awesome guy at the party or on a road and get everyone a cold beer in no time.

ManCan 128 Machismo Kit is made from high-quality stainless steel and it can fit a gallon of fresh beer. It features a Machismo Tap and the Perfect Pour Regulator located on the top of it. This way, pouring won’t be a problem.

Pouring Beer With Mancan Personal Keg System

The specially designed tap will make pouring beer easy.

The tap won’t leak and you can attach it to your backpack to make sure you always have beer by your side. It’s perfect for camping and hiking trips. When you’re not using it, or you want to cool the beer down, it can easily fit in the door of your fridge. With the kit, you’ll also get two CO2 cartridges and a pack of three cleaning tablets.

A Guy Wearing Mancan Personal Keg System

You can take Mancan Personal Keg System with you wherever you go.

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