We have all had those days at work where everything seems to be going against us. Then we get home, open up the fridge to grab a nice ice cold bottle of beer from the fridge, kick off our shoes, crack open the beer and take that first sip while thinking, “Ah, so refreshing!” but then we realize that something is missing; that superb taste from having a beer poured on-tap just isn’t there. Luckily for us, Synek has come to the rescue with their brand new invention, Synek Draft Beer System, which allows us all to have any beer that we want, on-tap, in our own bars or kitchens.

Synek Draft System works for any beer you want; from mainstream to your favourite local brew. The first step is to fill up the cartridge from a keg, from a tap, or from a brewer’s finishing tank using an adapter. The second step is to place the cartridge in a Synek box that contains all your brew’s stats. The third step is storing it in your fridge to keep the beer cold and pressurized and the fourth step, of course, is to simply enjoy pouring your own beer, on-tap, from your Synek Draft System.  We guarantee that you will never drink bottled beer or beer from a growler again.

Synek is currently having a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise $250,000 for mass production. With 15 days to go, they have already exceeded the set goal and collected an amazing $364,304. [via] watch video below

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