Keeping a couple of cold ones in the fridge for when your buddies come over is always a good thing, but if you got a large circle of friends which you host, then you will probably have to empty a large portion of your fridge to fit all that beer. Or you could get yourself a ManCan 128 (or two) which is essentially a brewery in your fridge. This amazing keg lets you keep 1 gallon or 11 bottles of fresh beer available at any given time. The creators of this amazing product have started their business with the ManCan 64, which is currently in production, and decided to make a larger version which can store larger amounts of your favorite brews. In order to make the ManCan 128 a reality, the ManCan Company has started a Kickstarter campaign in which they are promoting the prototype ManCan 128.

ManCan 128 functionality

The ManCan 128 is perfect for all beer and craft beer aficionados

So, what does the ManCan 128 bring in the mix? Well, we have already mentioned, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it, that the ManCan saves a lot of room in your fridge and holds one gallon of beer. The ManCan 128 is made of stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty which says a lot about the craftsmanship. It was outfitted with corney fittings, a flexible tap system and CO2 regulator which will let you have fresh beer always. You won’t even know it’s in your fridge as it is 16.25 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide.

ManCan 128 specs

The ManCan 128 is equipped with everything you need to enjoy fresh beer

All you have to do is fill it at any brewery, growler filling station, or with any beverage you choose; its entirely up to you. But it would be a shame not to support your local craft brewer, especially now that you have the option of not drinking beer that’s gone flat ever again.

ManCan 128 size and volume

Instead of placing 11 bottles of beer in your fridge, simply fill up your ManCan 128

Depending on the pledge you make on ManCan’s Kickstarter page, you can buy the ManCan 128 and even the ManCan 64 (perfect for those guys who like to keep a bit of fresh beer and have a glass after a long day at work). ManCan offers other products, such as ManCan T-shirts, ManCans with customized inscriptions and kegerator options. If you are a beer or craft beer aficionado, then the ManCan 128 is perfect for you.

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