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Craft-A-Brew | The Ultimate Home Brewery Set


You may find home brewing appealing but quite hard. At least that’s what it seems when you start researching it online. Luckily, Craft-A-Brew is perfect for amateur brewers since it includes everything necessary for your first batch. You’ll make five gallons with no hassle and impress your friends at the next get-together. Craft-A-Brew crushed their Kickstarter goal with …

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Snask Shower Beer

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We all know that a few pre-drinks are essential before hitting town for a night out. It makes you feel good, puts you in the mood, and is just generally a ritual that many people conform to. Well, if you were planning on getting your pre-drink schedule up a notch earlier, then we have the …

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G-Clamp Bottle Opener


We all know that whilst working on that project in your garage, that you will get thirsty. Well, at least we know that we do. Working on your own project has a certain satisfaction that is difficult to explain, but a brew makes it even better. However, chances are that finding a bottle opener in …

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Yeti Brick Bottle Opener


Yeti constantly tries to make your beer drinking experience better. They have great coolers to keep the beer ice cold. Now, there’s one more thing for beer lovers- Yeti Brick Bottle Opener. Yeti suggests you think about it as a trophy bar accessory. Opposite to small, light and plastic beer openers, this one is quite heavy. It …

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Stanley Vacuum Insulated Stein | Keeps Your Beer Cold For 9 Hours


Who doesn’t want to keep his beer cold for the longest possible time? With the Stanley Vacuum Insulated Stein, it can be cold for an incredible 9 hours. Like all Stanley products, this one has a high-quality construction and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s built from 18/8 stainless steel that’s BPA free and has a steel inner lid. …

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Stella Artois Buy A Lady A Drink Limited Edition Chalice


Stella Artois teamed up with in Buy A Lady A Drink campaign. What this campaign does is it provides water to the people in the world who don’t have access to it. In fact, for every limited-edition Chalice sold, they will provide 5 years of clean water to a woman in the developing world. Buy A Lady …

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Gallon Brew Kit | By Box Brew Kit


Drinking beer is very enjoyable to a lot of people, but what do you think about the experience of making your own beer? Some may think it’s a very complicated process, but imagine serving friends beer you made at home. Gallon Brew Kit is there to help you learn all the basics and includes everything you …

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Mancan Personal Keg System


Taking a personal keg system with you wherever you go is no longer a dream. With Mancan Personal Keg System you’ll be the most awesome guy at the party or on a road and get everyone a cold beer in no time. ManCan 128 Machismo Kit is made from high-quality stainless steel and it can fit a gallon of fresh …

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Food & Beer By Daniel Burns And Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø


It’s not enough to prepare a fine meal, you have to find the perfect drink that will go with it. Two Brooklyn-based friends, a chef and a brewer, decided to put together a book that will honour both the delicious food and the special flavor it can reach when combined with beer. Food & Beer is a collection of more …

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