Ruggie Alarm Clock


You know that feeling in the morning when you hear your alarm clock and think to yourself- just a few more minutes. The snooze button is there and before you know it, you overslept again. Ruggie is an alarm clock that will not only wake you up but will also get you out of bed.

This brilliant invention will make your wake up routine a success. Ruggie is made from high-density memory foam, so stepping on it is incredibly comfortable. As for the looks, it’s very modern and simple. Ruggie has a bright LED display that will show you the time but it can also serve as a light. This is especially useful when you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Just step on it and turn on the light.

Ruggie Alarm Clock Memory Foam When A Foot Touches It

Ruggie is an alarm clock that will make you get out of the bed. The memory foam makes it comfortable.

Since Ruggie was made to wake you up, it simply won’t allow you to go back to bed. Besides just getting out of the bed, you’ll actually have to stand on it for a couple of seconds in order to turn the alarm off. If you need more than 3 seconds, you can program it differently.

Standing On Ruggie Alarm Clock

Ruggie Alarm Clock will make you stand at least 3 seconds in order to turn the alarm off. You can set the tone of the alarm to whatever you like.

You can set up the alarm tone to your liking. Just choose your favourite song, connect it via USB to your computer and transfer it. Also, if you want to change the time, use the controls that are hidden on the side of it. Ruggie uses 3 AAA Batteries that will last more than a year. To clean Ruggie, unzip the foam part and simply put it in the washer. watch video below

Check out this video to learn more about Ruggie. 

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