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Technological advances have found their way into every aspect of our everyday lives. As technology evolves, so do the features of many devices which have been around in your house for quite some time. The smarter versions of many of those have began to appear on the market in large numbers.

The latest, most promising one, is Luna, the world’s first smart mattress cover.

Luna smart mattress cover on Indiegogo

You might think that having a smart appliance in your bed is over the top, but wait a bit and see the advantages this smart mattress cover has. Luna, as the first smart cover in the world, boasts many features, the first ones being the wide array of sensors woven in the fabric of this cover. These sensors allow you to track every aspect of your sleep cycle: temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, ambient light and humidity and it also has a snoring -sensitive microphone. Many people employ the use of wearable sensors to monitor the functions of their body.

Luna smart mattress app

Luna eliminates the need of having to use a wearable sensor, since this way it’s more comfortable and it eliminates the chance of forgetting to either put on or charge your wearable sensor. The data which Luna gathers will be available to you through the use of its featured app, along with all of the setting it has. This data will allow Luna to learn about your sleep preferences. For example, once you set the right temperature this smart cover will record this piece of data as well, after which it will sustain your preferred temperature for the future. If you are worried that you and your partner won’t enjoy this feature as you prefer different temperatures while sleeping, don’t worry as the creators of this excellent mattress cover have thought of that as well. One of Luna’s best qualities is the dual zone heating which allows for different temperature settings for you and your partner. The risk of having your sleep interrupted if you get too hot is also eliminated as Luna does not heat up over its entire surface. It heats up only on designated hotspots, which are placed underneath your back and feet, ensuring utmost comfort during your sleep. If you are worried about the way you are supposed to keep it clean, don’t be since you can just put it in the washing machine.

Luna smart mattress

If this level of “smart” isn’t good enough for you, don’t write off Luna just yet as it has a lot more to offer. As Wifi is incorporated in the use of this smart mattress, the creators have come up with another brilliant feature for their product. After the Luna creators partnered up with several companies (Emberlight, Nest, Beep, Lockitron) which manufacture smart devices for your home, you have the option of integrating your Luna with these smart devices. This gives Luna a whole new level of advantages. You can just slip beneath the covers of your bed and when Luna registers that you have fallen asleep, it can lock your doors, turn off the lights and set the temperature of your bedroom. As your sleep nears its end, the smart alarm which Luna has will wake you up and can even activate your coffee machine so you can start your day with no worries, knowing that your new smart mattress cover has done so much for you.

Luna is available in different sizes: full, California king, king, and queen size. The price varies depending from the size, ranging from US$199 to $229. If you are thrilled about the concept of this smart mattress, you will, unfortunately, have to wait a bit as it is only available for preorder through Indiegogo and will start shipping this year in August. [via]

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