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NuBryte | All-in-One Smart Home System


NuBryte is a touchpoint home console that features smart technology and an all-in-one system. It’s at the same time a security and lighting system, weather forecast, calendar, energy monitor and wireless intercom. With the smart lighting system, you can set 5 different advanced modes, depending on the situation and room. There’s also a cool feature …

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Snooperscope | Night Vision Device


Snooperscope is a small and portable device that will give your smartphone or tablet night vision. Sounds pretty cool, right? It was successfully funded on Kickstarter and with it you can see in both low light conditions and in total darkness. Snooperscope is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets. It uses Wi-Fi peer-to-peer connection so …

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JmGO G1 Smart Home Projector


JmGO G1 Smart Home Theater is an amazing device that will allow you to watch high definition videos projected onto any flat surface. It’s not just a projector, but a media streaming device and a Bluetooth speaker. JmGO G1 Smart Home Theater has a native resolution of 1280 x 800, supports 4K Ultra HD videos and Active …

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Zuli Smartplug | Smart Home Energy Monitor


Zuli Smartplug is a smart device that provides real-time energy measurement of any device that’s plugged into it and allows you to control those devices using a smartphone app. Zuli has a very simple and elegant design that’s built to last. It’s made from high-quality materials, insert molded prongs, double injected plastic. There’s a subtle LED logo at …

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Dojo | Smart Home Network Security System


Dojo Labs developed a security technology that protects your home network. Dojo will make all your devices safe from any cyber attack or privacy breach. This smart device uses pattern recognition to learn and figure out the best way to detect any possible threat. Dojo doesn’t even have to look at the data or know what’s attacking. This …

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As we are experiencing more and more of our household appliances turning smart, it is only natural that our light bulbs follow suite and don’t get left behind in this ever-growing trend. There are quite a few smart bulbs which work in unison with their companion apps, but there aren’t many as versatile as the ones …

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Gadget enthusiasts can rejoice because Satechi has released a new series of products, the Bluetooth Button Series. These Bluetooth buttons will allow you to use features of your smart devices without the need to touch them. The Satechi BT Button Series, announced during this year’s CES, allows its users complete wireless accessibility to certain features of …

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Some of the world’s leading experts in hearing technology have designed a powerful sound amplifier which was not originally intended as a hearing aid. The Soundhawk is a device which will help you better understand speech, hear conversation over distance and cancel out distracting noise. Soundhawk is a nifty gadget which serves as an extremely powerful hearing amplifier …

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The latest addition to the expanding list of smart household appliances is the iKettle by a company called Smarter. Get excited about this one, because if you hate groggy mornings, this neat little kettle will help you overcome them. The iKettle is the first Wifi kettle in the world and it allows you remote control over it …

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If the pen is truly mightier than the sword, then you should probably think twice before messing with a smartpen; especially with one not unlike the Equil Smartpen 2. Although not the freshest of ideas when it comes to the trend of having a “smart” version of most of your household appliances and other items you …

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