Fluttua Suspended Bed

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The usual piece of furniture like the bed is not something that changes so even a slight redesign can make a room feel different and refreshed. Today, we’re introducing you to the Fluttua Suspended Bed that just like the name says, defies gravity and looks almost like it floats in the air.

This bed was created by Daniele Lago and is supported by a single height-adjustable leg. The support is hidden so the bed looks almost like an optical illusion. There’s even a light underneath it, making it seem even more dramatic. You can choose to leave the space under the bed empty as it is or if you lack more storage area, add some elegant boxes or shelves under it. Fluttua is available in a rectangular and round version.

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a suspended bed

This innovative and cool looking bed is suspended and looks like floating in air.

round Fluttua Suspended Bed

You can also get it round.

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