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If you need a quick fix for the lack of space in your home, or if you simply want to experience what it would be like sleeping on a traditional Japanese futon instead of a good old bed, why wouldn’t you give it a try? The Japanese Futon Mattress and Sheets are now available worldwide and they offer practical and comfortable solutions for sleeping ‘’on the floor’’. The futon basically consists of a bottom mattress and a bedcover.

The EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress “Classe” comes either with a mattress cover (available in beige or brown) or without it. The dimensions are 39 x 83 x 3 inches and it’s stuffed with TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP(R) II ECO. This means that it’s Anti-Ticked, Anti-Bacterial and Deodorized and it’ll stay in good shape for about two to three years. The outer fabric is 100% Hygroscopic. You can use the Japanese Futon Mattress and Sheets as a floor futon, or as regular bedding, so you can spread it over your bed’s mattress.

Japanese Futon Mattress and Sheets, futon bed withe beige sheets, on a wooden floor.

The EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress is stuffed with TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP(R) II ECO to keep you clean and safe

The EMOOR 100% Cotton Cover for the Floor Futon is made from high-quality cotton. The cotton has been treated to achieve the anti-bacterial, mite-resistant, and odor-resistant properties so you don’t have to worry that sleeping on the floor makes you more exposed to these things. After being treated, the fabric was painted so you have a few color choices so you find the one that will fit into your space perfectly. The colors of the Japanese Futon Mattress and Sheets are navy, green, brown, white, beige, orange, and black.

A woman sitting on a white futon mattress on a wooden floor, reading a book, and lying on the mattress sleeping.

The 100% cotton sheets and covers come in a variety of options and are mite-resistant, odor-resistant, and anti-bacterial

The cover can be washed but you should avoid tumble dryers because the bedding could loose shape and shrink. The dimensions are 57 x 85 inches and it features a YKK zipper. The Japanese Futon Mattress and Sheets provide maximum comfort, softness, and protection against ticks, bacteria, and odor. It’s also very practical as you can easily store the entire bed away during the day to make use of the room and then get it set up quickly for a good night’s sleep.

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A woman lying on white Japanese Futon Mattress and Sheets on the floor.

These futon mattresses and sheets are completely practical, soft, and cozy and they provide maximum comfort

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