The Eight Sleep Smart Mattress


Usually, we’re not used to seeing smart features when it comes to the bed. Eight Sleep, on the contrary, will provide you with a great night’s sleep with its four layers of comfortable foam and one of technology. You’ll have a hard time getting out of it for sure.

So, what’s the science behind it? Eight Sleep comes with sensors that track your sleep. You can check the reports and learn your sleep patterns, what needs to be changed, how much you slept and when you fell into deep sleep. In order to use it, just download the app and enjoy it.

smart mattress

This mattress is constructed using four layers of foam. It also comes with a smart tracker.

Let’s talk more about its smart features. It’s great as an alarm since you can set it off each morning or at a time you need to wake up. There’s one more cool option- the sensors will notice when you’re likely to wake up and the alarm will be activated at your lightest sleep cycle. This way, the process of getting out of bed will be quicker and more natural.

a phone app for a smart mattress

To use the smart options of the Eight Mattress, just download the app from your iOS and Android store. There, you see all your sleep stats.

It also allows you to set the temperature and heat your bed before slipping into it. Just use the app to select the desired temperature. If your partner likes it differently, there are separate heat settings for each part of the bed. Finally, if you have any problems falling asleep, it comes with a white noise option. The mattress itself can be used on all types of surfaces and comes in four standard mattress sizes.

a guy sleeping in bed

Some of the features include an alarm, temperature adjustment, and white noise.

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