Kamerar is the company that has become famous for producing handy accessories for cameras, mostly for the GoPro. Their latest product is called KamPro Handle Kit, and it is not bounded to GoPro only, since any camera fits into it. It is an excellent action camera kit with which you can capture any exciting moment and let your creativity go wild.

This kit is perfect for outdoor activities, such as skateboarding, skiing, cycling, or even surfing, because there are many ways of positioning your camera with its pivoting arms. No matter how extreme your adventure is, the pistol grip will provide great stability to your hand and to the camera, so nothing will remain out of your photo album. You can even place a GoPro above your other camera via the hot shoe mount, so you can get different frame rates while you are recording the same thing or capture photos and a video at the same time. Also, there is a possibility of removing the hand grip and putting the mount at any tripod with a 1/4-20″ thread. On the threaded pivot arms you can attach friction arms, LED lights or microphones.

GoPro handle kit

If your camera has WiFi, you can simply connect a compatible phone and get your own monitor to view and control the camera that way.

The design is rather minimalistic, the combination of black and red looks really good, and the functionality of this Kit is amazing.

As you can see, the KamPro offers a lot of setups, which means there are many ways to get a perfect photo during breathtaking trips, but be sure that it will take you a few hours to discover all the options it has.

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GoPro camera handle kit

Kampro gopro handle kit

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