Having a GoPro camera to record all of your crazy adventures is pretty cool, but sometimes you just can’t handle operating one and doing whatever it is that you want to get recorded. That’s why we have awesome accessories for GoPro cameras. One such accessory is the Polar Pro’s GoPro Strapmount, a very versatile mount which eliminates the need for a head or chest harness or even a helmet mount. Once you mount your GoPro camera on this Strapmount, you can effortlessly remove it and put it back on thanks to the quick-release plate. Far more convenient camera access than most mounts have nowadays.

GoPro Strapmount functionality

With this strapmount you can forget about head and chest harnesses

The GoPro Strapmount can be easily and securely mounted on any backpack, scuba BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), lifejacket or strap so you can enjoy recording from angles that otherwise would not be an option. The guys at Polar Pro are all about making products of the highest quality which is why the Go Pro Strapmount is made from glass filled nylon.

GoPro Strapmount quick-release plate

The quick-release plate allows for easier camera access

This material makes the Strapmount extremely durable and capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. Polar Pro has a bunch of different mounts available for all who love to shoot awesome videos with their GoPro but this Strapmount is the most convenient due to its handsfree filming and quick-release feature.

Get it from Amazon here.

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GoPro Strapmount glass filled nylon

Glass filled nylon makes the GoPro Strapmount extremely durable

Check out a video presentation of the Polar Pro GoPro Strapmount.

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