How to make perfect, fluffy, tasty scrambled eggs without breaking or penetrating the shell? No, this is not a brain teaser and it doesn’t require of you to know magic tricks. All you need to do is get yourself a kitchen gadget called Golden Goose, and you will be able to make in-shell scrambled eggs in no time.

You are probably wondering what miraculous principle is applied here. Actually, the whole process of scrambling eggs with Golden Goose is very straightforward. Since this is a hand-powered device, all you need is a bit of muscle power and a few minutes to learn how to operate it. You put an egg into the scrambler (the so-called cradle), close and turn the ring until you hear it click, and then swing and pull the handles to spin until the egg is completely scrambled.

How to use the Golden Goose egg scrambler

Golden Goose Egg Scrambler basically alternates the rotation of an egg back and forth while mixing the white and yolk without outside air getting into it. The eggs are scrambled thanks to centrifugal force. Golden Goose has been meticulously designed by Geraint Krumpe, a Northwestern University graduate and an inventor of nearly sixty patents in the United States. The project had been launched at Kickstarter and a total of $131,822 was pledged of $34,500 goal. [via]

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Golden goose egg scrambler on Kickstarter

Golden goose egg scrambler

Delicious scrambled eggs

Golden goose egg scrambler GIF

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