Octomask is another proof that the GoPro Hero3 is gaining popularity quickly. Simply speaking, any product that inspires loads of different accessories that are made specifically for it has to be pretty amazing. Well, Octomask enables you to fully utilize the amazing features of the GoPro camera even under water.

Apart from serving as a great scuba diving mask, the Octomask features a GoPro mount that enables you to capture your diving adventures and do all that hands free. The mount is placed right above your eyes so you will be able to show your friends exactly what you saw.


The Octomask has lenses made of tempered glass and soft silicone skirt which means that it is very durable and reliable. Also, longer lasting use should not present a problem due to the fact that the Octomask also features a flexible silicone strap that stretches enough to fit most divers comfortably.

The dimensions are 9cm x 7cm x 7cm and the weight comes to 300g and the Octomask is compatible with GoPro HD Hero, GoPro HERO2, GoPro HERO3, GoPro HERO3+.

The Octomask is truly amazing and fully functional. If you need something to hold your camera while you enjoy the depths, you can’t go wrong with the Octomask , especially at a cost of $80.

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