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If you need a top performance vehicle for harsh conditions, check out the Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic truck. This is a supreme vehicle for exploring the frozen tundra. The Hilux truck with six wheel drive is the real beast among Arctic Trucks. It can withstand the harshest of conditions, such as the South Pole and the Antarctic plateau. It was made for polar expeditions and it has increased traverse speed and reduced fuel consumption.

The Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck has a 3.0L diesel engine with 171 horsepower, an enormous 550L fuel tank, and massive 44×18.5×15 tires. The carrying capacity of this truck is 2000kg. Another great feature is the modular design of the bed of the truck that permits the addition of shelter. Since Arctic Trucks are made in Iceland, the engineering solutions are caused by and suitable for arctic conditions. These are the trucks you can rely on in challenging conditions.

Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck , black, tilted, in front of a lake.

This powerful truck has a 3.0L diesel engine that pushes 171 horsepower.

If you want to explore the unexplored, Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck is made by proven experts in the area of producing extreme weather vehicles. The Arctic Trucks are highly reliable, reduce costs and increase mobility as much as possible. These trucks have proven to be high-quality, resistant vehicles by completing a number of missions to the North Pole, Antarctica expeditions, and crossing the ice cap of Greenland.

Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck in front of a lake, rear view.

This truck is a beast in many ways as it has a carrying capacity of 2000 kg and monster tires.

If there’s a vehicle suitable for the cold tundra and extreme terrains, it’s definitely the Hilux AT44 6×6. This powerful, high capacity vehicle’s a real beast in its category. The great carrying capacity, the high volume fuel tank, and compact design make this truck the ultimate extreme terrain vehicle that’s recognizable and adored for its great design and performance.

Just like all the Arctic Truck vehicles, this is another fun, powerful, innovative, and highly useful off-road vehicle. Just imagine how powerful the six wheel drive on monster tires feels when flying over tundra.

Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck, red, in wet terrain.

Primarily made for polar expeditions, this truck has an increased traverse speed and reduced fuel consumption.

Check out how Hilux AT44 6×6 Arctic Truck performs off-road here:

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