There are all-terrain vehicles, and there are all-terrain vehicles that literally leave you speechless. The vehicle that we are showing you today is a mixture of an ATV, a tank and an amphibious machine and it will conquer just about any terrain on this planet.

The Argo is the ultimate in mobility and sturdiness and if you try to compare it to similar off-road vehicles on the market, chances are you will fail miserably.

The namesake Canadian company that produces the Argo has been around for over five decades but the vehicle that we are featuring today has been developed and perfected for thirty years. The Argo comes with two mobility structures – 8×8 or 6×6 – and is both light and super sturdy. Furthermore, it is 100% waterproof and, thanks to its Static Stability Factor (SSF), it is four times less likely to roll over compared to other UTVs out there. Also, this is a vehicle that has the lowest center of gravity out of all vehicles in the industry which means that it travels across hills and slopes effortlessly with a minimal impact on the area’s vegetation.

Argo all terrain

The Argo can traverse literally any type of terrain, even steep hills thanks to its low center of gravity

Argo customization

The Argo has numerous customizable features, including the use of continuous tracks

The Argo is a customizable vehicle and you can add many features to it, as well as pick the model and the color of your choice. You can rely on it to get you safely and swiftly through streams, rivers, lakes, flooded areas, snow and mud. If you encounter obstacles on your way (like fallen trees or large rocks), don’t worry, because this vehicle can and will make it over thanks to its specially designed Rawhide III Goodyear tires with superior traction ability. The Argo is designed for several passengers, i.e. up to six people on land and four on water. watch video below

Argo passengers

The Argo was designed for several passengers, up to six on dry land and four on water

Check out a video presentation of the Argo.

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