Kiravan is a project started by Applied Minds, a multidisciplinary company. There are many highly skilled people working there, such as artists, scientists and engineers, who are exquisitely good in various disciplines. Together, they strive to invent, design and produce things that would improve our lives. Their breakthrough product is named Kiravan Expedition Vehicle and it is basically a very sophisticated recreation vehicle (RV).

The interior of this adventure vehicle is stunning. It has a high-tech cockpit that looks like a cockpit of an airplane; it features eleven touch screens and will become your dream as soon as you see it. Also, there is a fully equipped office, a roof-mounted sleeper that resembles a tent, a bathroom and gallery kitchen. The spectacular Kirabike comes with the trailer, as well.

Kiravan Expedition Vehicle cockpit

Kiravan Expedition Vehicle also features a modified Mercedes-Benz Unimog. This amazing truck is powered by an incredible 6-cylinder 260 HP engine. It provides about 700 ft-lb of torque, which is really phenomenal. Besides that, it is equipped with an 8-speed transmission, and with these two combined, it will be unstoppable, since they give it extreme off-road power, while it will be able to cruise on-road at the maximum speed of about 70 mph.

As the name itself says, this ultimate expedition vehicle is great for expedition, but also for the film or video production, field researches, technical and scientific work and such,. Should you be interested in using it for any of these purposes, you should definitely contact Kiravan. [via]

Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

Inside the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

Interior of the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

Dining in the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

Kitchen of the Kiravan Expedition Vehicle

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