Creating a dog-friendly kitchen

The UK is a nation of dog lovers. There are over 17 million pet-owning homes in the UK, and many of them house dogs. Dogs require pet-proofed homes that are safe and healthy to live in.

In the last year and a half, we saw a drastic increase of pet owners in the UK following the recent lockdown. In fact, the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association found a staggering 3.2 million British households have gained a new pet since the pandemic began.

While owners should dog-proof their homes, they shouldn’t have to compromise on their interior style. You can have a luxurious and stylish home that is also dog friendly. Here is how to get the best of both worlds in your home.

Designated storage

You need a place to store all your dog’s toys, food, and goodies. You could designate a kitchen cupboard for their belongings to ensure they are all in one place and won’t get lost. It’s also a good idea to have any treats and dog food up high where they can’t access them. Pet bowls and leashes can end up all over the house – store them away tidily to keep your home organised.

Closed cupboards

Closed cupboards are a lifesaver with dogs in the house. Open shelving and bookcases may look beautiful, but everything can come tumbling off with just one knock from a dog. Kitchen cabinets, especially the lower ones, should be closed with concealed handles that dogs can’t pull open. You may be surprised by how many dogs can pull open a cupboard with a leather tag opening. Yet taking away your cupboard handles doesn’t have to mean compromising on style as Stephen Lynskey, Head Designer at Hammonds Kitchens points out,

“Choosing an integrated handle or handle-less design for your kitchen cupboards and drawers gives a seamless effect and therefore delivers on the illusion of space. The sleek lines this design creates will make your kitchen seem far larger simply because it won’t look like it’s been put together in little bits.”

Dog proof materials

Dogs can destroy soft flooring with their teeth or claws. A play session or late-night chew can cause irreparable damage to your interior and might harm your pet as well. Opt for tiles and more durable materials that can withstand jumping around, running, and muddy paws. Ensure it’s easy to clean and avoid any carpets downstairs where the dog is running in and out of the house. A tiled floor is much easier to wipe clean than a cream carpet or rug.

Integrated waste disposal

It might be time to remove your kitchen bin from the floor and switch to integrated waste disposal. Naughty puppies may rummage through your bin for food and treats when you’re not looking. Yuck! Integrated waste disposal keeps everything neat and stops rubbish from scattering across your home.
Keep your home dog-friendly and stylish with these simple tips and tricks.

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