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The Top Ingredients to Look for in Dog Treats for Arthritis Relief

For many pet owners, the onset of arthritis in their furry companions can be challenging. Watching your once pup struggle with stiffness and joint pain is heart-wrenching. Veterinary guidance is paramount for managing this condition. You can take supplementary measures at home to improve your dog’s quality of life. This extensive guide will examine the …

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Playtime Pitfalls: What To Avoid During Dog Playtime

Does your dog love playing with other dogs but fights and growls or may even start biting during playtime? Then it’s possible that you might be doing something wrong. All dogs need physical and mental exercise to maintain their health. But if your dog has behavior issues during playtime, then it can be emotionally distressing …

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What to Consider When Buying Treats for Your Dog

When choosing the best dog treats for your adorable furry companion, there are a few things to remember, especially if you are a first-time fur mom or dad. Finding the right treats for your pup can be confusing with the long list of choices. From picking high-quality ingredients and understanding the required caloric content to …

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

Pet ownership has seen a steady rise in the United States over the last few decades, with 67% of American households owning a pet. While there has been an increase in people owning more unusual pets, dogs remain the country’s favorite animal, with 53% of households owning one. If you are yet to enjoy the …

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Creating a dog-friendly kitchen

The UK is a nation of dog lovers. There are over 17 million pet-owning homes in the UK, and many of them house dogs. Dogs require pet-proofed homes that are safe and healthy to live in. In the last year and a half, we saw a drastic increase of pet owners in the UK following …

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Ikea Launches A Pet Collection Called Lurvig

Ikea is well-known for innovations. Just recently, we witnessed their AR app that lets you preview furniture before you buy it. Last week, there was one more update from the company- the release of their pet collection called Lurvig. Many animal lovers greeted the collection, and how couldn’t they when it’s full of products that are …

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Scollar Mini | The Smart Collar For Pets


If you have a pet, the chances are that you have struggled to train it, they’ve been lost before, or you have forgotten to give them medication and care. Well, there are a variety of technological aids for these purposes, but there isn’t a single solution to overall pet care and training. That is, until …

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Best Dog Beds: Keeping Poochie Comfortable

The idea of a dog bed may seem crazy to some as the dog can normally lie on the floor or on the couch. After all, they seem comfortable, right? Wrong. Dog beds can be extremely helpful for your furry friend for a variety of reasons, some of which are medical, but all beds can …

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Petcube | An Interactive WiFi Pet Camera


There is no doubt that our pets become a part of the family, and like family, we want the best for them but duties call (we have to go to work etc.) and we leave them at home alone. Luckily, there is a way to interact with your pet no matter where you are by …

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Noxgear LightHound | LED Dog Vests


If you’re walking your dog when it’s dark outside or want to spot it easily in the big backyard, you should definitely check out the Noxgear LightHound. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Noxgear started producing this LED dog vest that illuminates the dog with reflectivity and fluorescent color. It’s really easy to put it on and …

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