If you have a pet at home, and are afraid that your busy schedule might keep you away from taking proper care of it, then turn to modern technology for a solution. Modern technology in the form of an automatic pet feeder called Feed and Go. We’ve featured several automatic pet feeders over the past few months, but none like the Feed and Go. This automatic pet feeder features a Wifi connection so that you can control it from anywhere in the world and it even has a webcam installed so that you can see what your pet is up to and if it’s eating the delicious snacks you left in the feeder.

Feed and Go food tray

Feed and Go can let you store 6 meals inside so that you can take proper care of your pet when away from home

Feed and Go features a design which lets you keep 6 8 oz. meals for your pet stored inside, regardless of the type of food (both wet and dry food can be used with it). One of the best things about the Wifi connectivity of the Feed and Go is that you can place it anywhere in your home and you can use several of these automatic feeders at the same time. This will be very useful if you have more than one pet at home, you can feed them all with a simple press of a button.

Feed and Go Wifi connectivity and webcam

This automatic pet feeder has Wifi connectivity and a webcam so that you can keep track of your pet and set off the feeder from anywhere in the world

Feed and Go offers the option of recording a greeting message for your pet so that it can feel as if you’ve never left the house. This automatic feeder can also be used with predetermined schedules, which you will set according to your and your pet’s preferences. You can even choose to make the Feed and Go work only a couple of days a week, or specific periods during the day. But if you’re a spontaneous person, you can just set off the Feed and Go mechanism from any computer or smart device by using the app.

Feed and Go design

Feed and Go was designed so that it can fit in any environment

Feed and Go has a sleek modern design so that it can fit seamlessly with the rest of the furniture in your home. Another important thing to mention is that the pet food tray can be easily removed so that you can keep it clean for further use. Feed and Go has set a new standard in the world of automatic feeders which will be much appreciated by all of us who love and care for our furry friends.

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Take a look at this amusing Feed and Go promo video.

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