Ikea Launches A Pet Collection Called Lurvig

Ikea is well-known for innovations. Just recently, we witnessed their AR app that lets you preview furniture before you buy it. Last week, there was one more update from the company- the release of their pet collection called Lurvig.

Many animal lovers greeted the collection, and how couldn’t they when it’s full of products that are at the same time useful, neat, affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

The collection is very stylish and draws inspiration from their recognizable Scandinavian design. This means it will be a pleasure pairing it with other pieces of furniture and letting it become very Instagram-ready. Not sure if you knew, but Lurvig actually stands for “hairy” in Swedish (not really a surprise, isn’t it?).

a dog sitting on Ikea pet blanket Pet Collection Lurvig

Ikea launched their first pet collection that will be in stores worldwide from March next year. (it’s already available in US, Canada, France, and Japan)

a cat playing with scratching table leg Pet Collection Lurvig

Designers collaborated with veterinarians for creating these pet products.

Before making this collection, designers from Ikea worked alongside veterinarians in order to take care of the animal’s needs, provide warm and cozy places for pets to sleep at, but also to play at and eat from. You’ll find items like cat scratch rugs and trees, convertible and pillow sized beds for both cats and dogs. There are also balls, bag dispensers, bowls, brushes, travel bags…Many items can be collapsible, tucked away or integrated with some Ikea furniture pieces.

three images of Ikea pet collection

The collection includes sofas, beds, bowls, playing areas…

Ikea pet walkers

There are also a variety of leashes available.

So, can you buy it already? While the collection is available in stores in the US, Canada, France, and Japan, other countries should have their stores stocked with it from March 2018.

Check out the entire collection here.

three images of Ikea pet collection

Cover for a dog bed, a pet travel bag and a cat bed with a pad.

cats playing in Ikea boxes

Cat houses can be incorporated with Ikea furniture.

three images of Ikea pet collection

This dog bed and a cat toy are just some of the products you can get.

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