Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

Pet ownership has seen a steady rise in the United States over the last few decades, with 67% of American households owning a pet.

While there has been an increase in people owning more unusual pets, dogs remain the country’s favorite animal, with 53% of households owning one.

If you are yet to enjoy the many benefits of dog ownership, then you have a lot to look forward to.

That being said, not everyone is suited to owning a dog, and there are several aspects of pet ownership that you need to consider before you start looking for a new addition to your household.

Keep reading to find out four things you need to think about before getting a puppy.

Are you ready for a puppy?

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself “are you ready for a puppy?” – and make sure you are completely honest in your answer.

Puppies are time-consuming and require a lot of attention in the first few months, so you need to make sure you have the time and patience for this. You also need to prepare yourself for a lot of mess, especially if the puppy you get is not yet house-trained.

As a pet parent, you should also be aware of some very crucial stages of dog development. An example of an unpredictable cycle is a dog’s heat cycle, which isn’t associated with a particular season or occurs every so many months. Dogs may experience heat as young as six months old or wait until they are closer to 18 months old. How often do dogs go into heat? Knowing the heat cycle of your future family member will help you adjust your lifestyle better.

Where are you going to get your puppy from?

You can go down several routes when looking for a puppy, depending on your needs and budget.

Firstly, you could choose to adopt a puppy. Mixed-breed dogs are abundant in the United States, and many are looking for a loving home.

Alternatively, if you have your heart set on a particular breed, you can purchase a puppy from a reputable company such as Your Puppy FL.
What kind of puppy do you want?

As mentioned above, there are many mixed-breed puppies looking for homes, but breed or mixed-breed is not the only aspect of a puppy that you need to think about.

You also need to consider:
• What size of puppy/dog you want?
• Do you want an active dog or one that requires less daily exercise?
• What hair coat would you prefer? Do you want a low-shedding dog?

When deciding on what type of puppy you want, make sure that you think about your lifestyle and your budget. Large dogs require a lot of food and other supplies.

What supplies do you need?

You need to be prepared for the arrival of your new puppy, and there are several crucial supplies that you will need to stock up on. These include:
• A leash
• A collar with ID tags
• Pet bowls for food and water – metal or ceramic are best
• Puppy food that is suitable for your chosen breed
• Dog bed
• Dog crate
• A few dog toys such as a chew toy and squeaky toy
• Grooming supplies, including a brush or comb

If you still think that you are ready for puppy ownership, then what are you waiting for?

Start searching for your four-legged friend today. A dog can really help boost the happiness of a household and are well worth considering for your family.

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