Hiking Holidays: Benefits Of Seeing New Countries On Foot

Although the pause button has been hit on travelling due to COVID-19 restrictions, that doesn’t stop a travel addict from planning their much awaited next trip abroad. Modern day travellers have a plethora of options when it comes to exploring new lands — from trains and buses to taxi rides, there is certainly no shortage of ways to get around your travel destination. However, if you ask us, our favourite means of transport brings it back to basics — walking! If you’re someone who is counting down to the day when you can step foot on a plane and travel to an exotic land and you’re currently planning yout next vacation, this is the article for you. Today, we look at some of the benefits of seeing new countries on foot, so get comfy and dive in to find out more!

Beat The Traffic

Let’s be honest — we don’t know of a single person who enjoys spending hours stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, when it comes to tourism, there is no shortage of tram, train and bus rides that inevitably share the roads with thousands of other vehicles. The result of this is you spending your precious holiday hours sitting in traffic when you could be out in your hiking boots and exploring on foot instead. As an added bonus, walking is completely free which is always a good thing when you’re travelling on a budget!

Stop And Smell The Roses

Unlike public transportation or car rides that get you straight from point A to point B, walking allows you to stop and smell the roses. Whether you’re walking through a beach and taking in the scent of the salty ocean air or passing by a cafe and immersing yourself in local coffee culture, exploring on foot allows you to experience all the wonders that exist between point A and point B. Who knows — you may end up discovering a few hidden gems along the way or meeting fellow tourists and locals who will be able to give you some expert tips that you can use along your journey.

It’s Good For Your Health

Most of us absolutely love spoiling ourselves with the finest food and drink when on holiday, and with the sheer number of various dishes to enjoy, it is not uncommon for travelers to put on a few unwanted extra pounds before heading back home. I mean, you’re on holiday after all! One of the best ways to offset this is to spend your time exploring on foot. Just 30 minutes of brisk walking burns over 120 calories, meaning that the more you walk, the more you’re able to enjoy all the pastries, breads and desserts that your heart desires!

Calming Your Senses One Step At A Time

Have you ever heard of the latin term ‘solvitur ambulando’? This term literally translates to ‘it is solved by walking’. Walking has been long known to help clear the mind and free it from anxious or niggling thoughts that many of us struggle with. Travelling on foot allows travellers to spend time pondering the meaning and beauty of life and can help to relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life back home. Simply put — leave your problems back home and enjoy the time spent with yourself in nature, free of the pressures of modern life.

The Eco Friendly Alternative

Aside from being incredibly beneficial for our physical and mental health, walking is the most eco-friendly option for travellers who are exploring new lands. Unfortunately, vehicles are responsible for over 30% of the world’s carbon emissions and are a major player in the global warming game. Walking is a fantastic way of reducing your carbon footprint and simply walking a mile and a half instead of driving can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a whopping 75%!

Get Off The Beaten Track

Last but not least, walking is the best way for travellers to get off the beaten track. If you’re someone who is looking to explore more than the usual tourist destinations, walking is a great way to experience some lesser known destination from a fresh perspective. The real joy of travel is to discover sites that you won’t find in any tourist guidebook as these are often the destinations that are able to truly immerse you in authentic local traditions and culture.


If you’re an independent traveller who wants to explore and learn more about various cultures and traditions, you’ll definitely have to explore your next holiday destination on foot — because you never know what wonders you may encounter along the way.

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