Aquabot is a new bottle top sprayer from Lunatec, a San Diego based company. It makes an ordinary water bottle into a powerful hydration, cooling or cleaning device and most importantly, it’s fun.

Just screw on the Aquabot top on your water bottle. It’s compatible with 63mm wide mouth bottles like Nalgene: On The Go, On the Fly, Camelbak: Eddy and Chute bottles and standard 32 – 48 oz wide mouth bottles.

Aquabot sprayer bottle top

Aquabot is compatible with most wide mouth water bottles

Aquabot is BPA free and easy to use. It has three spray patterns: Mist, Stream and Shower; and two operating modes: Stealth and Blast. Stealth sprays more water and conserves pressure, while Blast sprays less water with more pressure. Aquabot shoots water over 25 feet. It also has a flow control trigger allowing you to dose the amount of water used. The sprayer even works upside down.

Aquabot sprayer bottle top

Aquabot’s flow control trigger lets you dose the the amount of water used

So if you need to turn your water bottle into a powerful sprayer for whatever reason, Aquabot  is the gadget for you.

Get it from Amazon here.

Aquabot sprayer bottle top

Aquabot turns your water bottle into a versatile sprayer you can use in many situations

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