The Outpost Handlebar Roll from Blackburn is a versatile pack that goes on your bicycle. Simply put, it adds storage space for your bike adventure and lets you pack more stuff. With this added space you can store a tent, supplies, or a sleeping bag, which makes it possible and easy to plan camping trips or longer bicycle rides. You can use the included bag, but the Outpost Handlebar Roll can also be used with other standard dry bags. It fits most handlebars with a diameter from 25.4mm to 31.8mm, although it is not recommended for carbon handlebars.

Blackburn Outpost Handle Bar

The Outpost Bag fits in front of the handlebar and does not interfere with the bike’s cables or brakes

Mounting the Outpost Handlebar Roll is easy. You set it up on your handlebar with a quick-release mechanism which makes  it easy to place or remove the bag from the bike. The bag is positioned at the front and doesn’t interfere with your bike’s cables or brakes. The water resistant bag has a capacity of 10 liters and is about 600 grams when empty. Blackburn states that the Outpost Handlebar Roll has a 8 lb (3.5 kg) weight limit, which is more than enough to pack camping essentials. But if you need more room, the harness is sufficient to secure larger bags or additional gear as well. The red compression strap can be used as a shoulder strap when carrying the bag off the bike.

Blackburn Outpost Handle Bar

The red compression strap can be used as a shoulder strap for easier carrying

Perfect for weekend bicycle trips on forest trails with a little bit of camping involved, the Outpost Handlebar Roll is the ideal gear for adventurous bicycle enthusiasts.

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