Mobot Water Bottle & Roller


Drinking enough water on hot summer days is crucial for hydration, especially if you’re active and work out regularly. Mobot Water Bottle & Roller takes care of that as well as helps your muscles relax. This water bottle is very compact, looks cool and you can take it anywhere with you.

Mobot Water Bottle & Roller is constructed out of recycled stainless steel that’s non-toxic and BPA-free. This material makes the bottle very easy to clean and is actually the thickest steel you can get on the market. The bottle has a capacity of 40 oz, just the right amount to get you through the workout.

A Guy Excercising With Mobot Water Bottle & Roller Next To Him

Mobot Water Bottle & Roller is great for both keeping you hydrated and relaxing your muscles.

The eco-friendly package also features EVA foam, since foam rolling has many benefits- from providing a relaxing massage to relieving joint pain and increasing your range of motion. Not to forget that the foam insulates your drink. Thanks to the wide mouth, adding ice and cleaning the bottle won’t be a problem. Also, the straw goes all the way to the bottom and there’s a loop suitable for carrying.

Blue Mobot Water Bottle & Roller

The bottle is made from of recycled stainless steel and EVA foam.

Finally, Mobot Water Bottle & Roller is leak proof and comes with a one year warranty. You can get it in three colors- black, camo and blue steel.

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Camo And Blue Mobot Water Bottle & Roller

Besides in black, you can get it in camo and blue.

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