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Water is one of the most important ingredients to a healthy life. We often neglect the quality of water we drink, thinking only about the quantity. One of the biggest factors of water quality is the container it’s in. Plastic bottles are full of chemicals that seep into the water, and ultimately enter your body. This is why many health enthusiasts don’t bottle their water in plastic anymore. The alternatives are metal or glass bottles. While metal is better than plastic, most times it gives water a funny taste that puts people off. The only answer left is, of course, a glass bottle. Although, glass bottles also have their shortcomings. They are sensitive and prone to breaking, if handled incorrectly. Takeya USA, a subsidiary of Takeya Japan has addressed this issue with their new 22 oz Glass Water Bottle with a protective silicone sleeve. Takeya is famous for their innovative approach in designing and manufacturing high quality, eco-friendly food and beverage containers.

Takeya Water Glass Bottle

Takeya provides a much healthier alternative to plastic bottles

The Takeya Glass Water Bottle is enclosed in silicone that is available in black, cobalt, pink, purple and green colors. The silicone not only protects the bottle from damage, but provides an excellent grip for easier carrying. Its capacity of 22 oz (around 650 ml) is more than enough to meet your hydration needs. The bottle cap is made from BPA free plastic and has a tight seal to prevent leakage. Part of the clever design is an opening in the silicone so you can always be aware of how much water you have left. The bottle and cap can also be washed in a dishwasher.

Takeya Water Glass Bottle

The Takeya Glass Bottle is available in: green, purple, cobalt, black and pink

Perfect for people that are health conscious, the Takeya Glass Water Bottle is a versatile, stylish and healthy container that doesn’t alter the taste or chemical quality of the water you drink.

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Takeya Water Glass Bottle

The Takeya Glass Bottle is practical and portable

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