The issue of polluting our environment with man-made materials is one that doesn’t need to be discussed in length. It is out there and we are the cause, so instead of being not a part of the problem, but the actual problem, we could make an effort in solving it. Just like Niki Singlaub did. By designing a collapsible and reusable water bottle called Hydaway, Singlaub has made an effort to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles which end up in our oceans. The Hydaway water bottle can be the last water bottle you ever need to use due to the benefits it brings to both you and the environment.

Hydaway 12 oz bottle

Hydaway is available in a variety of colors and two sizes (12 and 21 oz)

Hydaway is available in two sizes (12 and 21 ounce) and 6 different colors: charcoal, bluesteel, moss, grape, tangerine and chili. It is perfect for trips as it allows you to use it over and over again without buying overpriced water bottles every now and then. As it is collapsible, you can store in in your pocket as it is only 1.25 inches tall when in its collapsed form.

Hydaway compact size

When collapsed, the Hydaway water bottle is only 1.25 inches tall

The lid is easily removed so you can refill it without an issue and you don’t even have to remove it to take a sip thanks to the flip-up straw on the lid. The lid has a carry handle too, so you can attach your Hydaway bottle on your backpack with a carabiner.

Lastly, we would just like to mention the safety factor of using this water bottle. As it is made from non-toxic, food-grade silicone, you don’t have to think about any negative effects on your health, only the benefits it brings to the environment. watch video below

Hydaway food grade silicone

Hydaway is completely safe to use because it was made from food-grade silicone

Check out a video about the Hydaway water bottle.

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