The QUARTZ Bottle – UV Light Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

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What if there was a reusable self-cleaning water bottle while at the same time purify the water inside?

Introducing, The QUARTZ bottle, the world’s first mercury-free self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV-C Light technology to neutralize 99.9999% of odor-causing germs and bio contaminants from inside the bottle.

Can you think of an item with a reputation for its negative effects on our body and its contribution to the destruction of our environment? We’re all too familiar with this common material… plastic, coming into contact with it multiple times per day. We know it’s not the best, yet we still find ourselves using it, take for instance water bottles. Many people have shifted away from plastic water bottles and have moved towards a sustainable option, one that is better for the environment and our health. Swapping plastic water bottles out for reusable ones is far from a new concept, but are those reusable bottles we’ve now substituted really as good as we think they are?  Not only do reusable bottles tend to be difficult to clean but they are notorious for trapping unpleasant odors and collecting germs.

Technology behind the Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

UV light water bottles stand out in many ways. Standard reusable water bottles lack the ability to purify the water they hold, while bottles with filters cannot kill bacteria, and mercury-based bottles only purify and eradicate contaminants, however, they have no self-cleaning option. Though a lot depends on the type of water you want to treat, see to learn more about the different water types. Lasting 40x longer than conventional mercury-based UV technology bottles, this water sanitation system purifies water in 60 seconds with the touch of a button on the cap, intelligently activates to self-clean every 4 hours, and is double insulated to keep water cold for 24h or hot for 12h. watch the video below

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Blue QUARTZ Bottle Next to a white box

Introducing the QUARTZ bottle, a self cleaning and reusable water purification bottle that uses UV technology.

five colors of the QUARTZ Bottle

Available in several colors, you can pre-orders yours at a discounted price on Kickstarter

Combining innovative Digital UV-C Technology and 280 nanometer UV light, the QUARTZ bottle works by breaking down the chemical bonds in the contaminants DNA, resulting in bacteria and viruses such as E.coli Salmonella, Staph, and MRSA to be killed. The LED microchips in the QUARTZ bottle are far superior to the traditional mercury glass tubes used in mercury-based bottles. These microchips are smaller, energy efficient, less toxic and able to be controlled digitally. Simple to use and easy to recharge. When your battery is running low, charge the cap via the USB for roughly 2 months more of usage!

Why switch to the QUARTZ bottle?

  • 10,000 x more hygienic than a standard reusable bottle
  • BPA, Plastic & Phosphate free
  • Mercury-free
  • Self cleaning
  • Long lasting >100k cycles
  • Saves on average $1000/year
  • No replacing of filters or batteries

With the same UV-C light used in the sterilization of room surfaces in hospitals, the UV light in the QUARTZ bottle triggers and photochemical reaction that destroys the DNA of harmful contaminants.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

two images of the QUARTZ Bottle

The Quartz bottle presents many benefits for the environment, your health and your wallet.


Volume: 525 mL / 18 oz
Bottle Height: 9.1 in / 232 mm
Bottle Diameter: 2.7 in / 69 mm
Material: Polished stainless steal
Battery: Rechargeable Li-polymer or Li-ion
Total Weight: 13 oz / .37Kg

QUARTZ UV Light Water Bottle Kills it!

Eradicate bacteria and germs even before they have a chance to spread; whatever is lurking in your water bottle is no match for the QUARTZ. You can activate the digital purification system with the simple push of a button. This sustainable water bottle option will allow you to have access to clean and safe drinking water on the go in 60 seconds. Innovative technology combined with inspired design make this bottle the best water purification system for the digital age! If all this technology and innovation isn’t already enough, you can feel good knowing that with every purchase of the QUARTZ bottle, 1% of all proceeds go directly to their partner charity: water support.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.
**Offers available for multiple purchases

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