Zen Houses | By Petr Stolín Architekt

Located in Liberec, Czech Republic, Zen Houses offer a perfect balance between a modern lifestyle and relaxing surroundings. The philosophy behind this architectural project is also based on simplifying living conditions. The two volumes of the house offer three types of living areas – public, semi-public and private.

The simplicity of both interior and exterior is inspired by contemporary Japanese architecture. Petr Stolín Architekt firm wanted to bring an experimental character to the house but also to separate home and office spaces. As for the construction itself, the houses are built in two rectangular forms, each measuring 3 meters in width and the height of two floors.

one volume of the Zen Houses

Built by Petr Stolín Architekt firm in Liberec, Czech Republic, Zen Houses come in two volumes of the same size, one intended for the living area and one for woking.

the patio outside Zen Houses

The wooden pathway connects the two volumes.

The exterior is made using transparent acrylic panels. They are fixed to wooden frames resulting in low construction costs. The rest of the materials like the chipboard, wooden beams, plywood, raw metal and rubber also contribute to the small budget.

the living area in black finish

The living area has a black finish.

the bedrooma and bathroom area

The top floor is where the bedroom and bathroom are.

two images of Zen Houses living area

Now let us talk about the interior. The living area has a black finish. There, you can find the kitchen and communal area and the bedroom that’s located upstairs. The material, as well as the windows, provide plenty of natural light. Unlike the living area, the studio in the second volume is all bright and has plenty of room for an office space.

Zen Houses work volume

Contrast to the living area provides the office volume.

the upper office in one volume of the Zen Houses

There’s plenty of place to work from.

The third important part of the design is the inner atrium between two houses. This is a perfect place for the residents to get together and enjoy the outdoors.

the inner area between two house volumes

Residents can enjoy the outside, between the two volumes.

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