10 Driving Gloves Worth Considering

Driving gloves aren’t just about keeping your hands warm. They’re also about showing style and class while enjoying the comfort, softness and a good grip on the steering wheel. The leather gloves will make your driving experience a lot better because there’s no such smell as a fresh leathery smell to make the car ride a supreme experience. Check out our suggestions for the 10 Best Driving Gloves, take your pick and take your driving experience to the next level.

1 – Outdoor Cycling Driving Warm Touchscreen Gloves by Vbiger

Outdoor Cycling Driving Warm Touchscreen Gloves by Vbiger, black and olive green, on a white background.
You love cycling in the winter, but the mornings sometimes get too chilly and instead of enjoying your morning ride, you get frostbites. Well, the Vbiger Outdoor Cycling Driving Warm Touchscreen Gloves are here to protect your hands from freezing. These are tight fitting gloves with silica gel printing to ensure a good grip of a bike or a steering wheel. They are made from Lycra material so they’re soft, and the inside of the glove has an additional soft fleece like lining. The gloves are thin, comfortable and waterproof. There’s a reflective strip on the outer palm of the glove and the band has a slight stretch to ensure a snug fit to your wrist.

In addition to this, one of the main features of these gloves is the touch conductive cotton material applied to the pointer finger and the thumb. With them, you can conveniently check your messages and send texts without removing the gloves and without worrying you’ll damage your touchscreen. These unisex gloves are available in S, M, L and XL size.

BUY | from $13.99

2 – Genuine Leather Driving Gloves by RealRider

Genuine Leather Driving Gloves by RealRider

If you are looking for a quality pair of leather driving gloves, the RealRider Genuine Leather Driving Gloves might be just the ones for you. These are made from soft and stretchable genuine leather and feature an unusual look that only the sophisticated drivers will appreciate. These gloves are unique, very comfortable, have a loose fit and are easy to use. The high-quality leather gloves are great for serious drivers who are passionate about driving. If you want comfortable, cool looking gloves that provide a great grip and feel on the steering wheel, these are a perfect choice.

Although they may seem a bit stiff at first, with some leather conditioner and a little time to break them in, they will become perfect. Once you stretch them to a comfortable dimension, they’ll serve you for a number of years. These are available in all sizes and a number of colors. The color choices include brown, tan, saddle brown, white, elephant grey, red, and black.

BUY | from $19.99

3 – Traditional Leather Driving Gloves by Pratt and Hart

Traditional Leather Driving Gloves by Pratt and Hart

Another pair of good looking driving gloves is brought to you by Pratt and Hart. Their Traditional Leather Driving Gloves are thin gloves available in black and brown and the price is a real bargain. These high-quality fine-grained leather gloves feature a sophisticated look with knuckle holes for air flow, and a wrist strap with snap closure. The elasticized wrist snugger provides a tight fit. These gloves are unlined but the leather feels really nice and comfortable on your skin. If you’re looking for premium soft mid-priced driving gloves, these were made for you. Once you get them, it’ll take a few days for the leather to stretch in all the right places, but when it does, you’ll get a great pair of soft, form-fitting leather gloves. These are pretty thin and ensure a good grip and a sharp look. The stitching is excellent, and the colors are beautiful and won’t fade quickly.

BUY |$27

4 – Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves by Riparo

Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves by Riparo, tan and black, on a white background.

Leather driving gloves are highly desired by many passionate drivers, and the Riparo Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves offer a premium experience. They are unlined and handmade with knuckle holes for ventilation. The wrist strap has a snap button for closure. These genuine leather gloves have all it takes to become your favorite driving gloves as they feature a soft supple leather and a classic look. The workmanship and the details are excellent so these beautifully crafted gloves fit very nicely. The high-quality leather and strong snaps make these gloves worth the money.

Like all the leather gloves, these will also need a few days to break in and conform to your hands for a perfect feel. After only a few days you’ll feel like you’ve had these gloves for years. In addition to the comfort and great look, these gloves offer an excellent grip on the steering wheel and they’re well ventilated so they won’t become too warm on a sunny day. They’re available in black, tan, and camel.

BUY | from $39

5 – Men’s Unlined Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves by Stirling

Men's Unlined Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves by Stirling, black, on a white background.

If you prefer fingerless driving gloves, try out the Stirling Men’s Unlined Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves. They’re made from 100% lamb nappa leather and are very soft. The classic design is somewhat altered considering the fact they’re fingerless but other than that, these are a pair of regular high-quality leather driving gloves. They’re unlined and have the knuckle holes to ensure ventilation. These gloves provide a close fit and protection without compromising dexterity. There are wrist straps with snap button closure for fastening and traditional keyhole back with knuckle holes on the back of each hand. The stitching is very well done and the closure button is branded. In addition to this, the gloves come wrapped in tissue paper and packed in the signature beautiful black branded gift box, which makes a nice finishing touch. These neat-looking gloves come in tan, black, and brown color.

BUY | $56

6 – Men’s Lined Leather Driving Gloves by Brighton

Men's Lined Leather Driving Gloves by Brighton, black, on a white background.

Unlike all the other gloves we’ve mentioned so far, these have a soft and warm 100% polyester lining. The Brighton Men’s Lined Leather Driving Gloves are hand sewn using super-soft lamb nappa leather and they feature a popper on the back of the hand for easy fastening. The lining comes in two available colors, wine, and olive, and it provides a beautifully striking contrast to the outer black leather. These gloves will also be delivered in a beautiful signature beautiful black branded gift box and wrapped in tissue paper.

These are excellent quality leather gloves that are perfect for cold winter mornings. Besides keeping your hands warm, they’ll provide a good grip on the steering wheel. The comfortable and soft feel combined with great looks makes these gloves premium driving gloves for both professional drivers and anyone who owns a four-wheeler. These Brighton gloves provide a stylish alternative to classic formal black gloves.

BUY | from $51

7 – Leather Driving Gloves by Ralph Lauren

Leather Driving Gloves by Ralph Lauren

With the Leather Driving Gloves by Ralph Lauren you just can’t go wrong. These are high-quality supple leather gloves with complex and sophisticated perforations and snapped tab closure. There’s a keyhole at each cuff and the perforations are made around every single keyhole and along the fingers. There’s also cutout detailing along the knuckles. The design provides a comfortable no-slip fit. The fit is also secured by elasticized detailing at the palm. The gloves are made from 100% leather and are available in two color options: black and brown.

These driving gloves are a classy accessory for all the drivers with a sense for fashion, elegance and taste. Ralph Lauren is a brand with a 40-year long history in the fashion world and doesn’t need much introduction. These leather driving gloves are a part of the Ralph Lauren Polo collection that features a wide range of quality gloves, from cashmere lined leather gloves, through luxurious merino knits and fingerless driving gloves such as these. Considering all the facts, these gloves are worth the investment.

BUY | $80

8 – The Executive Men’s Glove by Chester Jefferies

The Executive Men’s Glove by Chester Jefferies

Chester Jefferies is a famous brand from England and they’ve been making premium gloves since 1936. Today this is an established business built on skills and experience. The Executive Men’s Glove by Chester Jefferies is completely handmade and the leather materials used are carefully picked out to be the best quality. The premium leather selection, advanced cutting and sewing techniques are what makes these gloves different from most other brands in the business. The Chester Jefferies enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality.

These ultimate driving gloves are hand cut and hand sewn, and they feature press stud fastening at the wrist. This ensures a secure fit while the perforations down the fingers allow for ventilation. This driving glove is unique because it’s made with “Quirks” — small diamond shaped pieces of leather. These are sewn at the base of the fingers and attached to the hand of the glove to provide a perfect fit. And another thing you’re going to love is that you can customize your glove by choosing the palm and back colors in Capeskin or Deerskin leather. Pick your colors and enjoy the best driving experience!

BUY | $149

9 – Stringback Driving Gloves With Natural String by Autodromo

Stringback Driving Gloves With Natural String by Autodromo

These gloves are something completely different from all the other models we have suggested so far. The Stringback Driving Gloves With Natural String feature a retro style that was popular back in the era of wooden steering wheels. So, if you have an old timer, or you just like how these look, now you can drive around in these vintage gloves. They’re beautifully crafted and they were first designed to keep your hands protected, dry, and cool while speeding across the countryside.

They are simple and easy to use, with no annoying snaps and feature a short, split cuff. The palm is made from drum-dyed genuine sheep leather, and they have a 100% cotton crochet back. They will provide a nice, firm grip, and they look a lot more attractive than most driving gloves on the market. These are sewn in Indonesia and sizes available are S, M, L, and XL. The color choices include verde pino, burgundy, cognac, and black.

BUY | $125

10 – Men’s Handsewn Deerskin Driving Gloves by Fratelli Orsini

Men's Handsewn Deerskin Driving Gloves by Fratelli Orsini, tan and brown, on a white background.

Enjoy the soft feeling of driving in your brand new Fratelli Orsini Men’s Handsewn Deerskin Driving Gloves. These are unlined driving gloves made in Italy and they’re largely handsewn. They’re made from 100% top quality North American deerskin and feature the classic knuckle holes for ventilation and a snap closure on the back for a secure fit. Combining classic Italian styling and the finest North American deerskin, these gloves offer a supreme driving experience. They provide a firm and steady grip. These gloves run true to size with a bit of a looser fit as handsewn gloves shouldn’t be worn too tight anyway. The remarkable details and four color choices guarantee that there’s a perfect glove for each driver and for every season. The leather colors available are black, saddle, dark brown and tan.

BUY | $125.95

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