The line between home and office has become blurred long time ago. Working hours are becoming increasingly longer and we are becoming more exhausted as a result of it. If you are in a position of catching a few z’s at work, Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of design group BLESS, have created something interesting for all you lucky people who are allowed to nap in your offices – the Workbed, a desk that transforms into a bed.

The rationale behind this product is quite simple – why not have a workspace and a comfortable sleeping arrangement rolled into one? The Workbed is very easy to use – with the press of a button, the desk rotates to unveil a mattress. The sheets are custom designed to fasten underneath the table when it is turned upside down. Both the desk and the bed are spacious enough, while the desk also has a shelf on the side. The Workbed is highly flexible, practical and functional. It is also perfect for small living spaces and urban dwellers. This desk come bed is just one of the pieces in BLESS’ No. 33 Artistcare Collection.

Even the designer has a Workbed in her home, which is a combination of a living space and a shop located in Berlin’s Oderberger Straße. Schröder explains that BLESS is “more than a brand”. “It is actually a concept of existence”, she adds. [via]

Desk that is being transformed into a bed

Desk and Bed being opened

Bed and desk Workbed

Workbed by BLESS Mira Schröder


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