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Kitchen Aid Cold Brew Coffee Maker


We have a great coffee maker to introduce you to if you want to treat yourself with a cold brew on hot summer days. This Kitchen Aid Cold Brew will provide you with a smooth and rich flavored cup of coffee. It’s super easy to use and clean and because of it’s size, you’ll be able to …

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5 Best Coffee Makers

Each one of us has its own favorite coffee and prepares it in a different way. Today, we added five suggestions for coffee makers worth checking out. They bring something new to the table and deliver not only performance but style as well. Check them out below. 1 – Manual Coffee Maker N2 This pour over …

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Yield French Press


If you haven’t heard of Yield, you’ve come to the right place. It was founded by a married couple seeking to create useful but aesthetically pleasing items for the home, office and the closet. Made in that manner is their French Press, created for a perfect brew using this traditional method. Yield French Press uses functional …

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Technivorm’s Moccamaster


If you enjoy home brewed coffee and would like to have a coffee maker that will last and prepare a perfect cup, then you’re at the right place. Moccamaster is reliable, energy efficient and handmade in the Netherlands. Needless to say, it will make that fully infused, flavorful cup of coffee. Moccamaster is very powerful and will …

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Sudden Coffee | High Quality Instant Coffee


For those of you leading an active life, sitting down for a cup of coffee is sometimes just a dream. And as for the instant coffee options, we can all agree a lot of them are filled with sugar or simply don’t taste that good. There’s a new option available and we give it a …

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Libra | Camping Coffee Pourtables


There is nothing quite like smelling the fresh aroma of coffee in the morning. The first sip almost seems to give you an immediate boost. Sublime taste mixed with superb aromas is what coffee should be. Now, we all know that coffee is necessary on a camping trip, but instant coffee is never as good …

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Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper


Osaka is a company with a strong belief that coffee is not just a drink or a commodity, but a specialty. We couldn’t agree more. This Pour-Over Coffee Dripper has everything necessary to home brew your coffee in the old-fashioned drip way. Let’s start with the construction. It has a stainless steel cone filter that helps …

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La Colombe Triple Draft Latte With An Extra Dose Of Caffeine


When La Colombe launched their Draft Latte, the true coffee lovers recognized the quality and the taste of the brand. Since it was very popular, they decided to offer something similar, but yet different- coffee with a silky texture and a bigger kick. You’ve heard it! Triple Draft Latte comes with an extra dose of caffeine. …

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BeanPlus | Cold Dripped Coffee Brewer


Usually when we think about coffee, we think of a warm coffee with steam floating off the top. However, what many of us don’t know, is that hot brewing coffee actually destroys a lot of the flavors and potential that the coffee has. Fortunately for us, a brand new invention on Indiegogo has the solution …

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