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For those of you leading an active life, sitting down for a cup of coffee is sometimes just a dream. And as for the instant coffee options, we can all agree a lot of them are filled with sugar or simply don’t taste that good. There’s a new option available and we give it a warm recommendation- Sudden Coffee.

First of all, Sudden Coffee contains 100% real coffee and the finest Biftu Gudina beans. The quality is the priority, so each step is important, like choosing the best farm and roasters. One more thing that makes it unique is that the coffee is hand brewed and each tube is hand packed.

a tube with coffee

Sudden Coffee comes in small tubes that are light and easy to store. Thanks to the dimensions, you can always carry the coffee with you.

You can get Sudden Coffee in a variety of special flavors like citrus, chocolate, and toffy. Each one is smooth and not bitter so you won’t be needing cream and sugar. As for the package, the tube is super portable and easily packable. One tube has enough coffee for an 8 oz cup.

two images of Sudden Coffee

The tube is packed with Biftu Gudina beans and to prepare one cup, all you have to do is add hot water and stir. That easy!

So, how do you prepare it? All you have to do is heat the water, pour over the coffee in a cup and stir. Add a bit of hot or cold milk and make a latte in no time. Because it’s so easy to make, Sudden Coffee is also practical for camping, hiking and outdoor activities that don’t leave you a lot of choices if you don’t want to carry too much gear. Depending on how long does it take to hear the water, Sudden Coffee can be ready in less than a minute.

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