Kitchen Aid Cold Brew Coffee Maker


We have a great coffee maker to introduce you to if you want to treat yourself with a cold brew on hot summer days. This Kitchen Aid Cold Brew will provide you with a smooth and rich flavored cup of coffee. It’s super easy to use and clean and because of it’s size, you’ll be able to fit it easily on a kitchen counter or refrigerator.

The brewer uses a built-in stainless steel tap so you can pour the coffee with no hassle. It has a 28 oz capacity, meaning you can make around 14 cups. The prepared coffee has low acidity levels and is less bitter than ice coffee you usually get. It can also be kept in a refrigerator up to 2 weeks after making it.

cold brew maker

This easy to use cold brew creates smooth tasting coffee.

This coffee maker is crafted out of durable glass and stainless steel and features a streamlined design. The handle on the top makes it portable so when you want to conserve the coffee, just put it in the refrigerator. The reusable stainless steel steeper features a fill level indicator and makes sure that no grounds get through. To see in action, check out the video below.

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coffee maker

It has a handle on the top so you can put the rest of your coffee in a fridge to keep cold and fresh.

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