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The Barisieur | An Alarm Clock That Makes You Coffee


We all know what a pain it can be to get up in the morning but there are those mornings where we wake up to smell of freshly brewed coffee and suddenly the world seems a better place. We all need our caffeine fix and luckily, The Barisieur allows you to wake up to the …

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The Ripple Maker | Puts Your Face On Your Coffee


The Ripple Maker is a machine that uses patented printing technology to create ripples on your coffee from basically any image. If you like to get your coffee with cute little drawings on the foam, this machine will take it to a completely new level. The Ripple Maker can be used for cups up to 7 inches …

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Yama Silverton Coffee Dripper


For those of you who’d like to make your own hot or cold brew the old-fashioned way, Yama Silverton Coffee Dripper is the right choice. It’ll make you experience the full flavor of your favourite coffee beans and will look great on almost any kitchen shelf. The bottom beaker has a capacity of 18.5oz, which is good enough …

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Stanley Adventure Percolator


Stanley Adventure Percolator is a great way to make coffee outdoors, the old fashioned way. You can take with you when you’re camping and with its six cup capacity make coffee for all your camping buddies. Just like the rest of Stanley products, this one is very practical and durable. It’s made from BPA-free stainless steel, which …

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Breaking Bad Coffee Shop In Brooklyn

Here’s some great news for all visiting or living in Brooklyn. There will be a Breaking Bad– inspired coffee shop opening in the neighborhood this summer. Walter’s Coffee Roastery was first opened in Istanbul and it’s the first coffee laboratory that specializes in daily roasted coffee. This coffee shop will be located at a 2,100-square-foot location at …

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Anchorhead Cold Brew Coffee

from $16|

Coffee and beer are maybe the two most popular and most consumed drinks all around the world, but no one tried to combine those two drinks into one, until now. For all the passionate coffee lovers and beer enthusiasts out there, we have something new and unique – Cold Brew Coffee by Anchorhead. It’s a …

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2015 Christmas Gift Guide | Coffee Lovers

Coffee. You can’t not love it. The drink we can’t wake up without, can’t go a day without, can’t think of our lives without. It’s coffee, for God’s sakes. So “coffee lovers” could’ve just been “everybody” if you ask us. These here are the gifts that would make anyone super-happy this Christmas. Trust us. This …

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The Oomph | A Highly Efficient Portable Coffee Maker

from $55.50|

The Oomph is a coffee maker perfect for all the coffee lovers out there since you can take it anywhere with you. It’ll brew coffee and keep it warm, at a temperature that’s perfect for drinking. Whenever you drink it, there’s a dynamic mixer that will stir your coffee, so it tastes the same always. With …

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For all you coffee lovers who like drinking it on the road and hate the fake coffee machine products, there is finally a way to make your own coffee wherever you are. The Cafflano Portable Coffee Maker is going to make your coffee easy to make and always just the way you like it. The …

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KBJ security, which deals in various surveillance and sleuth equipment, shows us that it has a lighthearted side too with its novelty Camera Lens Mug.  The coffee mug looks and feels exactly like a professional camera lens. It even comes with a lens cover you can use as a cookie holder or to keep your …

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