La Colombe Triple Draft Latte With An Extra Dose Of Caffeine


When La Colombe launched their Draft Latte, the true coffee lovers recognized the quality and the taste of the brand. Since it was very popular, they decided to offer something similar, but yet different- coffee with a silky texture and a bigger kick. You’ve heard it! Triple Draft Latte comes with an extra dose of caffeine.

This coffee delight contains 3 shots of cold-pressed espresso. It has a real texture of a cold latte with that frothy layer of silky foam. The best part- it’s made with a natural formula, contains nutrient-rich milk and it’s naturally sweetened with cane sugar.

Two Images With La Colombe Triple Draft Latte Used Outdoors

Triple Draft Latte has a natural formula, more caffeine, little calories and is lactose-free.

La Colombe Triple Draft Latte is lactose-free and contains lesser calories than their original latte. You can get it in 4- or 16-packs of 9oz cans. To enjoy it the most, make sure you cool it before drinking. 

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