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Burton | Ripcord Snowboard 2016 Edition


With snow already having fallen in some parts of the world, and the first snows falling today in others, we’re sure that you want to get out there and snowboard some fresh powder. Well, if you don’t have a snowboard, do not fret, because we have just what you need! Introducing Burton’s Ripcord 2016 Edition Snowboard! …

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Adventurer Inflatable SUP Package | By Tower Paddle Boards


Guys from Tower Paddle Boards introduced the Adventurer, an inflatable stand up paddle board. The performance of this board is similar to the performance of hard boards but this one has more benefits to it. Some of these benefits are definitely its portability, more options for easy storage and affordability. The Adventurer Inflatable SUP is made from …

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Razor Ripsurf | Surfboard For The City


Each season brings new adventures. Winter is the time you’re off somewhere in the mountains and summers are perfect for avid surfers. Razor had an idea to bring snowboarding and surfing experience on the streets and the result is this cool looking surfboard for the city. Razor Ripsurf is a 2 wheel caster board that will …

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In love with surfing, skating, snowboarding and other adrenaline-pumping sport? If so, then you will definitely have to try out the new SoulArc board. With its unique design, high quality components and top-rate performance, SoulArc gives you an amazing boarding experience like no other skateboard currently available on the market. A redesigned version of the …

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