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Guys from Tower Paddle Boards introduced the Adventurer, an inflatable stand up paddle board. The performance of this board is similar to the performance of hard boards but this one has more benefits to it. Some of these benefits are definitely its portability, more options for easy storage and affordability.

The Adventurer Inflatable SUP is made from military-grade PVC material that is very durable and features drop-stitch construction. It can be fully inflated up to 15 PSI and can support the weight of around 350 lbs when on the water.

A Guy Using Adventurer Inflatable SUP

The Adventurer Inflatable SUP can support the weight of around 350 lbs and when compared to boards of the same type, it’s 4 times more rigid.

The Adventurer Inflatable SUP has dimensions of 9’10” x 32″ x 6″. Usually, these kinds of boards have a 4” thickness, so by making it 6 inches, the Adventurer is around 4 times more rigid, can flex less and support more weight. Another great thing about it is that when deflated and rolled, the board takes no more space that a sleeping bag would. This allows easy transportation and storage. You can fit in in the trunk, in the plane or store it in your garage or closet. Check out the video below.

Adventurer Inflatable SUP Rolled Up And Carryed By A Guy And A Car Going Over It

Because of military-grade PVC material, this board is very durable. It can be rolled up for easy transportation and storage.

Safety is another important feature of it. The Adventurer doesn’t hurt that much when the waves knock you out and you hit it. Also, because it’s softer than hard boards, it’s easier on the feet. The center fin can be detached and there are two smaller ones on the sides.

Besides the board, the package also includes a hand pump and a 3-piece fiberglass paddle.

Get it from Amazon here.

Four Images Of Adventurer Inflatable SUP

With the board, you also get a hand pump and a 3-piece fiberglass paddle.

Check out this video to learn all the benefits of having an inflatable paddle board.  

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