Razor Ripsurf | Surfboard For The City


Each season brings new adventures. Winter is the time you’re off somewhere in the mountains and summers are perfect for avid surfers. Razor had an idea to bring snowboarding and surfing experience on the streets and the result is this cool looking surfboard for the city. Razor Ripsurf is a 2 wheel caster board that will make you feel like your surfing/snowboarding through the city.

Ripsurf uses Razor’s RipStik Air technology. This means riders can slow down or speed up without the need to take their foot off the board. To do that, they move their body just like surfers and snowboarders do. The 360-degree inclined casters offer the ultimate action and due to flex points the board can turn in a very tight radius.

A Guy Riding Razor Ripsurf

This 2 wheel caster board will give you the feeling you’re surfing/snowboarding on the city streets.

Razor Ripsurf has high-quality bearings and in case you damage one of the wheels, you can easily replace it with the additional one you get with the board. Ripsurf can support a rider up to 220lbs. The best part is that you don’t need to assemble it, it’s ready straight out of the box. All you have to do is start Ripsurfing the streets.

The inventor of RipSurf commented on the look and functions of the board: “The RipSurf’s styling and function were guided by the feel of surfing and features of a real surfboard. The authentic short board shape and distance between the casters were designed to make it function as closely to real surfboard as is possible.”

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Check out this video to see Razor Ripsurf in action.

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