In love with surfing, skating, snowboarding and other adrenaline-pumping sport? If so, then you will definitely have to try out the new SoulArc board. With its unique design, high quality components and top-rate performance, SoulArc gives you an amazing boarding experience like no other skateboard currently available on the market.

A redesigned version of the classic skateboard, the SoulArc board consists of an elegant maple wood deck, slightly bigger than that in a regular longboard or skateboard, attached to a patented curved composite spring which aims to mimic the fluid feel of cutting through snow or carving on a surfboard. The SoulArc deck is lined with Grip Tape to provide ultimate stability and the board features neoprene bumpers, Randal R-II 180mm trucks, Abec 5 bearings and super-grippy 64mm soft urethane wheels for top performance.

Soularc wooden board

The SoulArc board sits higher than the deck of a typical skateboard, allowing an additional flex in pumping takes, deeper turn leans, greater speed and smoother ride with minimum effort. Thanks to its high-quality composite spring, wheels and trucks, the board conforms to the pavement in a sweeping fluid motion, which makes it a perfect board for landlocked surfers and summer-bound snowboarders. It is also versatile in terms of necessary skating skill level, so it will be a suitable board for professional riders and beginners alike.

Give SoulArc a try – it will certainly soon become one of your everyday recreational musts! [via] watch video below

Soularc performance board

Soularc board

Soularc board

Soularc board

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