The Surf Sauna was invented by a group of surfers from New England who didn’t mind surfing in cold weather, but they were bothered by the chilly air every time they stepped out of it. This outdoor sauna is a very clever project of theirs that helps every surfer overcome this problem. Namely, this is a sauna on wheels that can be towed wherever you go.

Its interior is heated with propane, and it will keep you warm, no matter how cold it is outside. They had in mind that its users will mostly take it to the offroad terrains, so the chassis is strengthened, and you won’t have to worry, because it will follow your car anywhere. The Surf Sauna looks very pleasing and it fits every beach environment, which was the main idea when it came to its looks.

Surf sauna

It comes in various sizes, which allows it to accommodate up to 8 winter surfers.  This mobile sauna is made from grade galvanized and stainless steel, aluminum, and western red cedar wood, that are very resistant to salt water exposure, and it can last for a long time, without any changes to its body. 

Every Surf Sauna is delivered with a mounted shovel and hi-lift jack, just in case you get stuck in sand. If you like cold water surfing, and you can’t take the cold with just your swimsuit on, you ought to consider buying this outstanding sauna-trailer for the price of $17,950.00, or use the other possibility of renting it by the day. [via]

Sauna on a trailer

Surf Sauna interior

Surf sauna heater

Surf sauna exterior

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