Sauna S1 Retractable Sauna System | By Klafs

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When living in an average sized apartment having something like a sauna is simply impossible. The biggest reason for that is the space. To fix that problem, the folks at Klafs invented Sauna S1 that can retract at the touch of a button. You’ve heard it, a retractable sauna.

Sauna S1 looks like a closet and takes little room, just like a book shelf would. When you extend it, it becomes bigger, with 1.60 m in depth. This means that in just 21 seconds, you can have a sauna that’s ready to be used. Sauna S1 is made from wood that’s really light and constructed in a special way- like a sandwich wall. It uses eMove technology that makes sure the movement is gentle.

White Sauna S1 In A Room

Klafs invented a retractable sauna.

Sauna S1 comes in three different sizes, depending on how much space you have available. You can also get it in five front panels- oak, swiss pine, walnut, white and white satin and choose whether you like it with a glass door or without it.

Inside Sauna S1

It takes 21 seconds to extend it.

The interior features benches, backrests and stools that when unfolded offers enough room for two. To pull out the bench, you have a nice leather loop and it’s just as easy to fold it back in. Under the bench, you’ll find a stool. Sauna S1 uses a Varius heater that’s automatically moved from its storage space once you open the sauna. You can use it as a classic sauna, a hot air bath, a tropical bath, an aroma bath and a soft steam bath.

Sauna S1 In A Living Room

You can choose the front panels and the doors.

The air channel is integrated into a rear wall and provides good heat circulation. Also, inside the sauna, there’s a light display and you can choose the color of the light, as well as one of the pre-set light modes. Not to forget the Relax Audio system that connects to your smart device via Bluetooth and lets you enjoy your favorite music. Besides the remote control, you can also use a Sauna S1 App. [via]

Controling Sauna S1 Via App And Control Panel

Sauna S1 can be controlled via an app or a control panel.

Sauna S1 In A Room With Book Shelves

Sauna S1 looks just like a closet or a book shelf and takes little space.

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