Recycling is very important nowadays, having in mind the pollution and the impact it has on our planet. We witness many imaginative recycled products, but these cork surfboards are about to take your breath away.

Whether you are personally a surf addict, you simply love water and beach, or, at least, if you are female, enjoy watching those shirtless dudes struggling with waves – stay tuned.

Two young designers from Spain have come to an idea to collect corks from wine bottles, most of which were gathered by volunteers, and use them for making surfboards. They established RichPeopleThings company, and their idea came to life. After collecting the needed amount of corks, they are sorted by size, and then with beeswax and pine resin “glued” together, and these materials have better effect than those used in the industry. So, nothing but products of nature have been used for making these Recycled Cork Surfboards . Also, the beeswax and pine resin allow the light to shine through the surfboard, which makes it aesthetically attractive.

Since they are made of cork, these surfboards are light, waterproof, and floatable. Also the company behind this idea claims that they also have better performance.

Recycled Cork Surfboards are handmade, so if you want to ride the waves on one of these, you will have to wait about 2 months. [viawatch video below

Recycled cork surfboards

Cork surfboard closeup

Colorful cork surfboards

Cork surfboards

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