There are 1.5 billion apps downloaded from The App Store. Some of them are free, and some are paid; some are funny and entertaining, and some can be really helpful. The app in question, SeaStatus, is both free and helpful. Let’s see how.

When you go to the seaside you usually check the weather first. SeaStatus is not just a weather app, it is far more. When you open the app, on the first screen, there is a map showing your location. All the beaches, harbors, etc. near you will be shown on the map. All you need to do is pick a place and press “Get Status.” The app has plenty of information for over 2,000 seaside locations in continental U.S, and uses only the newest data.  Then you can swipe to the second screen and check weather conditions, including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, when sunrise and sunset are expected, etc. The third screen has all the information about the water. Here you can learn about swell height, period, and direction, as well as water temperature, time of high and low tide, and an animation that shows the current height of tide. And the last, fourth screen, shows the weather forecast. It has 24-hour forecasts for all locations, and there is also more detailed hour-by-hour information.

All in all whether you’re into swimming, sailing, surfing, diving, or even fishing, this app can make your life much easier by giving you all the information that you need at once. And, for the cherry on top, it is free. All you need to do is visit The App Store and download the SeaStatus. [viawatch video below

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