If you are into sushi, you will love the Sooshi App. It covers all aspects of this Asian treat.

The Sooshi App has five different sections, each of them covering a particular aspect of sushi. They are named Sushi, Utensils, Fish, Ingredients and Restaurants.

Each of the sections is very clear, understandable and easy to use, as well as wonderfully designed with great pictures of items and concise explanations of their roles. For example, you will learn in detail how to prepare sushi following these explanations and looking at very useful pictures. The app also includes a timer you can use when a certain step requires such measurement.

Mobile app about sushi

The Restaurants section, as its name suggests, lists all restaurants in your area that serve sushi. But, aside from getting the list, you will also get restaurant’s address, web link, phone number, link to Google Maps and even photos.

Still, even though the Sooshi app is really informative, the creators have not forgotten about the design. As we have said, it is very easy to use and readable and, even though you will receive loads of information, you will never feel overwhelmed by the substance.

The Sooshi app is available on iOS App Store for just $1.99 and you will need iOS 6.1 or later. [via]

Sooshi app

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