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As cryptocurrencies are starting to get recognized as a payment form, it is expected to get to mass adoption in just a few years. You can read everywhere about the importance and popularity of bitcoin and blockchain. Many industries are trying to implement it to their business models, allowing the technology to grow. Besides bitcoin, we are now seeing an increased use of blockchain technology in apps, banking, trading, healthcare, digital marketing… Speaking of the use of blockchain technology in business models, we introduce you to Experty, a decentralized knowledge exchange.

Experty is a new network targeted at experts seeking to give advice and users who need consultations. The idea behind it is to use the decentralized blockchain technology and cut out the middleman, providing experts with an option to monetize their talents and skills more efficiently.

Every day, we use apps that allow us to communicate easily, apps like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp. But when you’re an expert giving consultations or a receiver seeking advice online, these apps are not that efficient.


First of all, the transfer of funds usually happens before the consultation is made and the cost is unpredictable since you’re not able to predict the duration of the consult. On the other hand, experts need to wait sometimes for several days in order to receive the payment. This is where blockchain kicks in. Thanks to the decentralized system (no need for banks and third-party services), the calling platform can be turned into a system that allows money to be sent directly and the rates can be based on the calling time.

How does Experty work?

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If you’re an expert giving consultations online (lawyer, medical or business consultant, professor, influencer…) you will be able to set your profile and set your rate per minute. This Experty profile can then be shared on other social media accounts in order to find more advice seekers. Finally, after the consult is completed, the expert will get paid for every minute spent on the call, using cryptocurrencies. The advice seeker will be able to receive the necessary information from an expert of his/her choosing and pay accordingly.

Important to know is that Experty is not a marketplace where you can search for experts. Instead, contact information can be shared on websites, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail. Contributions go through Bitcoin Suisse platform. As for the Experty app, it allows not only calls but texts, webinars, group calls and group texting, screen sharing, scheduled calls, video calls and conversation recordings.

Experty Tokens

EXY or Experty Token is a utility token with several applications. You can use it to pay experts, access premium features or use it as a deposit for advance scheduling with experts. In these three cases, there are no additional fees. Tokens are created only during Token Generation Event.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is set to take place on January 22nd, see details below.

Token Generation Event (TGE) Distribution Summary

Token Generation Event (TGE) Distribution Summary

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