In the sea of internet based talking services the MagicJack app might be considered just another one of them, but a user who knows more about it will tell you the MagicJack might easily be the best one out there. And, the best thing is, it is far from being a finished product, but it rather packs loads of functionality as well as huge potential for growth.

The MagicJack app allows you to make free and unlimited calls to Canada and the USA. And I mean free. It does not require you have a voice plan and it does not use your minutes. However, WiFI or 4G are recommended, but not mandatory. Still, this should not present a problem for most users today.

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Apart from allowing you to make calls to the US and Canada, MagicJack also enables you to call any other MagicJack number for free. Also, the app itself is free. You can easily download it from Google Play Store, or iTunes. The latter one allows users of iPad and iPod Touch 4 to have a totally free of charge phone service.

Free calling to the US and Canada

There are three ways to use the MagicJack. If you already own any of the MagicJack voice-over-IP devices, you can simply sign in to your existing account and keep using the number you already have along with all the contacts.

The second option is a quick sign up that gives you a personal ten-digit code that significantly slows down your calling, but the free calls are more than worth the bother.

The third option will be the most interesting to most people at first. You do not make any kind of an account; you just start making calls right away. However, after a bit of use, you will see all the benefits of an account and probably quickly opt for one of the first two options.

The number of sign ups is increasing quickly, so using the MagicJack app might actually become a new way of communication. Call quality reports show various experiences, from ‘crystal clear sound’ to ‘breaking up’, but, as with any growing business, even these occasional troubles should be dealt with down the road. Having in mind that it is completely free, there is no reason not to try the MagicJack app out.

MagicJack mobile app for free calling to Canada and US

Free calling with the Magic Jack app


Free calling to the US and Canada

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