If you are tired of using your smartphone for games and silly apps to help you pass the time, try helping out someone in need. With Be My Eyes, an app which pairs up sighted with blind people, you can provide much need assistance to the blind and feel the joy of doing a good deed.

The premise behind Hans Jørgen Wiberg’s innovative and helpful app is to assist blind people with anything they might have trouble doing. Whether it is just basic day-to-day tasks or more complicated ones, you will get a chance to assist them.

Be my Eyes app for the blind

In order to start helping, download the app and after registering via Facebook or e-mail you will be placed in queue. When someone requires assistance, your phone will ring and you can answer and help someone out. If the time of the call is inconvenient either reject the call or just log out of the app. If you happen to speak languages other than English, you can add them in the settings of the app and help out people from all over the world. The app uses a rating system so you have even more motivation to use it as it allows you to level up. Sight-impaired users have the option to rate their experience with the people they get paired up with and report any misconduct. The VoiceOver feature of iOS makes it possible for the blind to use and navigate through the app.

Be my Eyes app on itunes

Currently, Be My Eyes is exclusive to iOS platforms. However, Android users worry not. An app for Android is currently under development so you too can offer help. If you would like to get notified as soon as it is completed, click here.

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