Proto X Nano RC is a quadcopter coming from Tower Hobbies, that is probably going to be a must have for you this summer. As its name says, it is a remote control quadcopter which is tiny, probably smaller than any you have ever seen. In fact, it is so small that it can actually fit in your pocket.

The length of the rotor blades is about 2.5 in and the frame is approximately 1.8 in on each side, which means that it is not bigger than a cracker or a bug you have seen recently, and its weight of 0.4 oz makes it one of the lightest UAVs in the world. This makes it really difficult to keep track of at a long distance, but the producers were very aware of it, so they added the LED lights that are on whenever the Proto X is switched on.

Proto X nano RC quadcopter

Guiding it is not complicated; it is basically the same as if you were guiding a full-sized model. It also has an internal gyroscope that will keep it flat while it flies. The controls are simple – the left stick is used for rotation and altitude, the right one for direction, and there are a few additional buttons for adjusting the trim. The Proto X is designed for indoor use, because the weakest breeze would blow it away. However, this does not mean it will break it, because it is highly durable and crashing into the walls and falling will not do any damage to it.

Besides the quadcopter, the package includes a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter, a USB charging cable, four replacement rotor blades, and the instructions, which is almost everything you need to fly this baby. The only thing that is missing are two AAA batteries for the transmitter. However, the quadcopter itself does not need any batteries, since it is charged via USB and when fully charged, it can last for about 10 or 15 minutes in the air. It takes around half an hour to fully recharge it. The transmitter is tiny, as well, so people with larger hands will have trouble navigating this quadcopter.

Honestly, the Proto X is pretty simple. It does not have any extras, like a camera or something. It just flies, but playing with it is incredibly fun and you will never regret any of the $40 you have spent for it.

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Proto X nano RC quadcopter

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